Pet Spa Services

Spa Bath- Includes bathing, brushing and blow drying, nail clipping, ear cleaning and a complementary bow, or bandana (All prices are conditional, based on coat condition, length, and pets temperament.)

XSmall ( 10lbs and below)                  Starts at $20-$50

Small (11lb -20lbs)                               Starts at $25-$55

Medium (21lb -40lbs)                          Starts at $35-$65

Large (41lbs-60lbs)                             Starts at $45-$75

XLarge (61-80lbs)                               Starts at $55-$85

XXLarge (81lbs-100lbs)                      Starts at $65-$95

XXXLarge(100lbs-120lbs)                  Starts at $75-$105

Over 120lbs                                        Starts at $85-$115


Barkley Spa Package – blueberry facial, nail grinding, coat spray, anal gland expression, and a seasonal cookie for your pup to enjoy after. Price $20 (added to spa bath or full grooming package).


Full Grooming– includes same package as bathing package with the choice of clipping style (All prices are conditional, based on coat condition, length, and pets temperament.)

XSmall (10lbs and below)                 Starts at $45-$75

Small (10lbs -20lbs)                           Starts at $50-$80

Medium (21lbs-40lbs)                        Starts at $60-$90

Large (41lbs-60lbs)                            Starts at $70-$100

XLarge (61lbs-80lbs)                         Starts at $80-$110

XXLarge (81lbs-100lbs)                     Starts at $90-$120

XXXLarge (101lbs-120lbs)                 Starts at $100-$130

Over 120lbs                                       Starts at $110-$140                                                                                                                                                                

Extra Services-                                                                      


Blueberry Facial                                $5                                                                                           

Nails                                                   $10

Nail Grinding                                     $15

Nail Polish                                         $10                

Teeth Cleaning.                                $10

Flea Bath                                           $25

De Skunking Treatment.                  $20/$30

De Matting Fee.                                $30/ hr

De Shedding.                                    $20/$30 

Anal Gland Expression.                    $10 ($20 without a bath)

Difficult Behavior Animals.               $30

Clean Feet.                                        $30

Ear Plucking.                                      $5

Light Trim.                                          $15 (with spa bath)

Specialty Shampoo.                          $5


Aroma Therapy- Choose from 4 specially curated essential oil treatments that treat common conditions. 

Applied after bath with a warm towel wrap $7



Itchy Skin

Smelly Skin

Inflammation and Joint Pain


Therapeutic Mud Bath- Choose from 3 formulations & your pet will receive a soothing 10 minute massage while mud's applied $15


Beauty Herb Mask- Shiny fur and volume

Skin Health Herb Mask- For pesky odor

Moisture Herb Mask- Moisturizing skin and fur

Thera-Clean- Microbubble system that gently removes trapped dirt, bacteria, yeast, and allergies

$30 per session plus enzyme scoops

The amount of enzymes used are based on ice, skin condition, and coat type. We have enzymes that help fight odor, skin issues, and pain. $5 per scoop

Small                 ~ 1 scoop

Medium            ~ 2 scoops

Large                ~ 2-3 scoops

Extra Large +    ~ 3+ scoops

Thera-Clean Packages- all packages must be used within 8 weeks of purchase date

Buy 4 get $10 0ff

Buy 6 get $20 off

Buy 8 get $30 off

Cosmetic Dental Service-   A cosmetic cleaning with zero sedation. Can remove built up tartar and surface staining. Most of our clients see dramatic results in as little as one session.  $99.99


* All prices are subject to change without notice



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