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500 Terry Francois St, San Francisco, CA 94158

Pet Spa Services

Cats & Kittens-

Cat Bath                  Starts at $45

Cat Clipping            Starts at $70

Cat Nails                  Starts at $10

Spa Bath- includes bathing, brushing and blow drying, nail clipping, ear cleaning and a complementary bow, or bandana

Small (Under 20lbs)                           Starting at $25

Medium (21-40lbs)                              Starting at $35

Large (41-60lbs)                                  Starting at $45

Extra Large (61-80lbs)                        Starting at $55

Over 81lbs call for pricing 



Barkley Spa Package – blueberry facial, nail grinding, coat spray, anal gland expression, and a seasonal cookie for your pup to enjoy after. Price $20 (added to bathing, or clipping package).


Full Grooming– includes same package as bathing package with the choice of clipping style

Small (Under 20lbs)                          Starts at $45

Medium (21-40lbs)                            Starts at $55

Large (41-60lbs)                                Starts at $65

Extra Large (61-80lbs)                      Starts at $75

Over 81 lbs call for pricing


Extra Services-                                                                      


Blueberry Facial                                $5                                                                                           

Nails                                                   $10                 

Teeth Cleaning.                                $10

Flea Bath                                           $5

De Skunking Treatment.                  $10

De Matting Fee.                                $15

De Shedding.                                    $20 

Anal Gland Expression.                    $10

Aroma Therapy- Choose from 4 specially curated essential oil treatments that treat common conditions. 

Applied after bath with a warm towel wrap $7



Itchy Skin

Smelly Skin

Inflammation and Joint Pain


Therapeutic Mud Bath- Choose from 3 formulations & your pet will receive a soothing 10 minute massage while mud's applied $15


Beauty Herb Mask- Shiny fur and volume

Skin Health Herb Mask- For pesky odor

Moisture Herb Mask- Moisturizing skin and fur

Thera-Clean- Microbubble system that gently removes trapped dirt, bacteria, yeast, and allergies

$30 per session plus enzyme scoops

The amount of enzymes used are based on ice, skin condition, and coat type. We have enzymes that help fight odor, skin issues, and pain. $5 per scoop

Small                 ~ 1 scoop

Medium            ~ 2 scoops

Large                ~ 2-3 scoops

Extra Large +    ~ 3+ scoops

Thera-Clean Packages- all packages must be used within 8 weeks of purchase date

Buy 4 get $10 0ff

Buy 6 get $20 off

Buy 8 get $30 off



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