Pet Spa

Spa BathIncludes bathing, brushing, blow drying, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and a complementary bow, or bandana. (All Prices are conditional based on coat condition, length, and pets temperament.)

Small  (11lbs - 20lbs)                                    $53 - $73

Medium (21lbs - 40lbs)                                 $63 - $83

Large (41lbs - 60lbs)                                     $73 - $93

Extra Large (61lbs - 80lbs)                           $83 - $103

Extra Extra Large (81lbs - 100lbs)               $93 - $113


(100lbs and above ask associate for pricing)


*pricing also subject to dog height and size 



Aroma Therapy -


Choose from 4 specially curated essential oil treatments that treat common conditions. 


Applied after bath with a warm towel wrap $7



Itchy Skin

Smelly Skin

Inflammation and Joint Pain



Therapeutic Mud Bath -


Choose from 3 formulations & your pet will receive a soothing 10 minute massage while mud's applied $15


Beauty Herb Mask- Shiny fur and volume

Skin Health Herb Mask- For pesky odor

Moisture Herb Mask- Moisturizing skin and fur


Thera-Clean -

Microbubble system that gently removes trapped dirt, bacteria, yeast, and allergies


$30 per session plus enzyme scoops

The amount of enzymes used are based on ice, skin condition, and coat type. We have enzymes that help fight odor, skin issues, and pain. $5 per scoop

Small                 ~ 1 scoop

Medium             ~ 2 scoops

Large                 ~ 2-3 scoops

Extra Large +    ~ 3+ scoops

Thera-Clean Packages -


all packages must be used within 8 weeks of purchase date

Buy 4 get $10 0ff

Buy 6 get $20 off

Buy 8 get $30 off


Cosmetic Dental Service -   A cosmetic cleaning with zero sedation. Can remove built up tartar and surface staining. Most of our clients see dramatic results in as little as one session.  $99.00-$149.00

All Prices Are Subject to Change Without Notice